Songs of Hope

Our world has been turned upside-down. But we still have our music, thank God!

For decades, music has been the wellspring of hope for a brighter future at the MMS. To help us make music together to brighten our struggling world, our good friend Clifton “Jerry” Noble is composing Songs of Hope for solo instrument or voice with piano accompaniment.

Look at the scores and listen to the recorded piano accompaniments below. Find one below that moves you, video or audio record yourself performing it, and share your video with us by emailing  We’ll share all the recordings we receive on our YouTube channel (

If you play a transposing instrument and you’d like a part in a different key, email us and we can get one to you.

If we all keep making music together, we can inspire the hope and confidence we all need to get through this challenging period. Help us keep hope alive by making music with us!

The current situation has created great hardship for our already vulnerable students and their families. Everyone is in challenging financial circumstances at this time and so we’re hesitant to request donations. However, if this music moves you and you find yourself in a position to make a donation to MMS, we would be deeply grateful for your support.

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Songs of Hope No. 1

Songs of Hope No. 2

Songs of Hope No. 3

Songs of Hope No. 4

Songs of Hope No. 5

Songs of Hope Attend to the World (poetry by Jane Yolen)