About the Mathieson School

A Brief History of the Mathieson Music School

https://youtu.be/jMMfu1z2FJE The Mathieson Music School was founded by the concert cellist Anup Kumar Biswas in memory of the Reverend Theodore Mathieson (1913-1994), Father Superior of the Anglican Brotherhood of the Epiphany in Calcutta.  Father Mathieson had been involved in running an orphanage in Calcutta for over 50 years. He had established a unique musical tradition at the orphanage school,which taught its students both Western and Indian classical music.

Father Mathieson recognized the unique musical talent of one of the boys at the school, Anup Kumar Biswas. When Biswas was 16 years old, Father Mathieson sent the gifted young man to the Royal College of Music in London. From that springboard, Biswas launched an  international career as a solo cellist, performing with some of the finest orchestras in Europe.A happy MMS student

Towards the end of his life, Father Mathieson became very concerned that the musical aspect of the children’s education would pass with him. He contacted Biswas to discuss this concern, and the two of them conceived the idea of founding a special music school in Calcutta to continue the musical tradition the priest had established. The Mathieson Music School was launched, shortly after Father Mathieson’s death. Anup Kumar Biswas, serves as the school’s director; he has diverted much time and energy from his career as a cellist to fund-raise and the run the school to repay Father Mathieson for supporting and nurturing his life and musical career.

In 2015, a documentary was made about the Mathieson Music School. You can use the link below to watch it on YouTube.