MMS on the Road to Recovery

Cyclone Amphan dealt MMS a hard blow, but our hearts and our spirits are strong!

Recovery efforts began the day after the storm and they continue daily. Despite daytime temperatures around 103 degrees Fahrenheit (over 39 degrees Celsius) and humidity levels pushing 100%, our seven staff members at MMS (with tail-wagging support from their canine mascots, Spotty and Valo) have been working hard to clean up debris and to dry food, mattresses, bedding, furniture, books, and music. It’s tough work, especially because the electricity is still out—which means they can’t even use fans to cool down!

Dipak and his team have been working on getting roofers in fix damage to the boys’ dorm, the kitchen, and the offices. They are also restoring the gardens and repairing the protective netting over the fish ponds.

Everyone is determined to make sure the school is ready as soon as officials allow the children to return.

Organizers in the UK and the US have begun several fundraising campaigns and—thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and people like you—we’ve made a good start on raising the money to pay for repairs to campus (and to continue feeding the children).

Thank you all for your help in our efforts to ensure that the Mathieson Music School continues to bring education and music to the needy girls and boys of Kolkata!

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